About Us – Our Airstream Journey

This Blog is about our Airstream (Blue Streak) Journey.

Who We Are:   

We are Brick And Mona, living in Canada, more precisely on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. The Married With Airstream Blog is the Journey of our International 25 CCD Airstream (we call: Blue Streak) pulled by our F-150HD 3.5L Ecoboost FX4 Super Crew Lariat (we call: Red Dragon).  We are Gold Rivet Supporting Members of the Airstream Community Forum (click to visit).

What this Blog is NOT!

This is not a “Travel Blog” per sa. In saying that, we view and interpret everything through our camping experience.  Our information and view point would be useless if it was not filtered through the Experience Of Doing! 

What this Blog IS!

Well, it’s a DIY Boondocker’s Blog … Owning an Airstream provides an interesting perspective on Boondocking simply because Airstreams are really built for travelling from one “Serviced” Campground to another “Serviced” Campground.  To Boondock the way we Boondock requires overcoming the limitation inherent in the Airstream Trailer, which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best trailers made (case in point is that Blue Streak is almost 20 year old and look like it’s fresh off the assembly line).

Why This Blog?

The way we understand the world is that we are put on this earth to share our journey.  So this is one of the ways we contribute – by sharing the “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of Boondocking in British Columbia Canada.

In brief, we’ve been Boondock Camping and Travel enthusiasts for over 25 years. Our camping journey started out in a simple 2 person tent (when we were in our early 50s), just to experience the “outdoor thing”. We were hooked. After a couple of year we needed a tent which would enable us to “stand up” to get dressed. So bigger tent. After a few more year we got tired of sleeping on the ground. This began our travel trailer journey.😎

Our first trailer was a 16 foot T@B (Fire Ball Design) and we just loved that little trailer. The International 25 CCD Airstream presents us with larger and longer exploring possibilities across our beautiful Canada.

Our first love is to Boondock – If you see us at a campsite, drop by and say hello!

PS … If you’ve been stumped by our use of the word “Boondock” (go here to read our explanation)

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