Month: July 2019

A Little Bit Of Tenderness

Blue Streak is 16 years old and at times needs a bit of tender update maintenance.  Looking at the ugly white access panels that cover the furnace and hot water tank, I decided to paint them.  I choose TremClad gloss aluminum spray paint.  Made quite the difference.  While I...
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New Water Pump Install

We noticed that the water pump had begun to cycle every 10 minutes or so.  In reading what this could mean I began to investigate.  First thing I did was to take a sheet of paper towel and check all the plumbing joints under sinks etc.. looking for leaks...
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June Travels with Blue Streak

On Monday, June 3 we left Vancouver Island heading to Spokane Washington to pick-up ‘Blue Streak‘. We were on the 8:45am ferry from Vancouver Island to the mainland. We decided to drive the 800+KM to Spokane over two days rather than push for 11 hours just to get there....
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