Month: September 2019

Refrigeration Issue Resolved (Finally)

Well, after changing all the electronic components of our Dometic Refrigerator and still failing to resolve the E-1 error issue – I gave up 🤷‍♂️. Yep, me, Brickster, who can fix anything has met his match and was beaten 😵😵😵 by a refrigerator . So I hitched up Blue...
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Glamping 2019 Season Ends

Well it’s now time to winterize Blue Streak and begin to plan for next year. The process I follow is both air blow-out and anti-freeze for the water lines. First thing is to drain the hot water tank and blow air through it to clear the lines, then set...
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Nobody’s Perfect (as M. Pointed Out)

So, spent about 2 hours washing the gunk of Blue Streak after our last ‘Boondock’ trip. I like to start a new “glamping” trip with a clean unit (inside and out). We loaded up all the provisions and were set to go first thing the next morning.😎 Next morning...
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