Month: November 2019

Tesla and Airstream Announce?

Press Release** In a joint communique, Tesla and Airstream announced a pairing of the Tesla Cyber Pick-up Truck and the Airstream Cyber-A-Frame. The Tesla Cyber Pick-up Truck is designed to have the utility of a heavy duty truck with that of a high performance EV sports car. Built to...
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“New” Tire Covers

Until now this optional piece of equipment was not required.  However, storage locations change and NEW GY Endurance Tires cry out for protection. So after some research I settled on ‘Explore Land Tire Covers’ found on Amazon.  Colour: Charcoal, Fit: like a glove,  Material: Vinyl and is waterproof, dust-proof...
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The Art Of Backing Up

When talking about backing up Blue Streak into a Provincial Boondocking Campsite, I once had a person say to me: “Be afraid – be very afraid!”.    I guess when looking at about 50′ of Airstream and F-150HD FX4 Tow Vehicle easing into a tight 33′ wide x 38′...
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