Year: 2019

Airstream Maintenance Sealants Summary

The following list of sealants is not necessarily “all there is”.  However, it is a great starting point and provides a collection of possibilities for different situations found on Airstream Trailers. For wheel wells/underbody: Vulkem 116 Trempro 635 Sikaflex 221 Black (use Eterna Bond spray cleaner to prepare surface)...
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It’s Been A Long Winter 2018-2019

We left ‘Blue Streak’ in Spokane Washington to have an outside shower unit installed. Our plan is to head over to pick ‘Blue Streak’ up and then spend a couple of weeks in the Canadian Kootenay Rockies. Our scheduled first stop will be Castlegar to stock up on the...
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Must Things To Buy $$$$$

Well – There is no doubt that the purchase of your new (used) Airstream is just the beginning of the BIG investment.  There are things we buy because we WANT to and then there are thing we MUST buy to equip and outfit the Airstream to make the whole...
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