2022 First Glamp 😎

We all have our favourite places on earth and ours happens to be Morton Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I have often said to the Boss (technical term for Mo), that if we could build a permanent cottage it would be here.  The lake is warm, fresh water with a constant in flow from Lake Mohan to the west with an out flow to the east, making for continual change of crystal clear water.  Morton Lake is a rustic, no services (boondocking only) camp ground accessed only via logging roads.

Our set-up is simple – under Blue Streaks canopy are two chairs and our multi-purpose table/step-up on our 10×12 mat.

Since we are old campers, we still do 90% of our cooking outdoors. We set our kitchen up under our trusty 10×10, add a hammock + two reclining sun chairs – we’re set to go 😍

One of the fun things we much enjoy is FOOD!!!!  Just because we’re Glamping doesn’t mean we don’t eat well.

It is this type of breakfast I most enjoy – fresh ground coffee (yep!), pancakes with fruit and bacon (Yummmm 🤗).

Time for the close-up —– Sorry you’re not here to enjoy with us 😥

Till next time 😎

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