Year: 2022

Summer Storage Between Trips

Unless you’re a full-timer you store your trailer between camping trips.  Believe it or not, there are some must do’s in order to maintain the trailer’s integrity in summer storage.  While this blog post is focused on what we do for Blue Steak, our International 25 CCD Airstream, summer...
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Spring 2022 DIY Projects

Will it never end?  “NO” 😍 I just love new DIY projects.  This coming Spring I have a couple of good ones planned for! The First Project Is For Organisation: One of the things that has driven me nuts in Blue Streak is that the small hanging closet next to...
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With Hope For 2022!

This past year 2021 I am glad to see in my rear view camera. 🤩 This is Vancouver Island, Lotus Land, the island of Milk and Honey.  This is not supposed to have drought in the summer with an unprecedented heat wave causing wild fires sweeping through towns and...
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