Basic Modifications

Like most owners of Airstream’s we too have changes and modifications to our Airstream:

List Of Some Of The Basic Modifications To Blue Streak

  1. Batteries: changed the dual Interstate 12v batteries to dual Trojan T-105 6v golf cart batteries with Flow-rite battery fluid maintenance system.
  2. Electronics: added a AiLi Battery Capacity Monitor and battery cut-off switch.
  3. Convertor/Charger: changed the single stage converter to a multi-stage converter.
  4. Solar: added two 100w solar roof panels for a total of 200w (we also carry a 160w suitcase solar unit).
  5. Tires: upgraded to GY Endurance and added a TST-TPMS.
  6. Camera: added a Haloview MC7108 7” 720P HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System 7” LCD Reversing Monitor.
  7. Shower: added a Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa Shower Kit.
  8. Trailer Level Indicator: added RV Level 4 Two-Way Levelling System.
  9. Hitch Storage: added RV Bumper Hitch Receiver 2″ Adapter attached to the A-Frame.
  10. Black Tank Vent: changed to a Lippert Components 360 Siphon Vent.
  11. Kitchen: changed faucet to a Soltura Kitchen Faucet with separate Dish Soap Dispenser.
  12. Outdoor Shower: added an outdoor shower on the drivers side.
  13. 300 Watt Inverter: I like fresh ground coffee in the mornings.😎

Future Modifications Planned

  1. 3″ axle lift kit. (so far not required as we haven’t dragged the back-end yet)
  2. Shelving/storage system in the driver-side hang locker.

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