Can Laughter bring Karma?

I was reading through a series of articles on the Airstream Forum titled “Entertainment Value Of Watching People Back-Up Their Trailers”.  After reading all the “expert” comments on how it can be so entertaining and a good laugh, it made me wonder about Karma.

I think that people seem to forget that backing up a 25 or 35 foot trailer into some of the campsites can be very stressful, especially if you’re a newbie.  Personally, I love to entertain my fellow campers with my struggles in backing up 50 odd feet of truck and trailer into insanely tight provincial campsites.  I believe that the laughter and smiling that I can create in others is good for their souls (even though it’s at my expense and heartache).  The bottom line is the more I practice, soon I too will be an “expert”.  I wonder however, what do “experts” feel when they have their own personal “entertaining experience”?  Does Karma enter into their minds?

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