COVID-19 Put The Brakes On

There is an old saying about the plans of “mice and men” 😟… then we have this world-wide pandemic.  Here in British Columbia, Canada all the Discovery Park Campgrounds are closed until May 31.  There is also a good chance that the closure will be extended.  At this moment we are living in a wait and see mode.  While we have reservations for specific campsite in June and July, we can only wait to see if the these will be honoured or if the closures will continue into the late summer.

Since Mona and I are well into our 70’s (with preconditions) we are practicing “Social Distancing”.  Even if we do go camping this summer, until a vaccine is available, our campsite will be closed to visitors.  For us this is painful because we love to spend time with people and talk about “Air-Streaming” but right now we are mindful about keeping healthy.  I will be very glad when the crisis is behind us all so we can again hug our friends.🥰

Never-the-less, once the weather warms up I’ve got a whack the projects to do on Blue Streak and Red Dragon.

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