E-1 Refrigerator Error Continues

Well, our Trip to Morton Lake had that elusive E-1 Refrigerator Error return after 6 days out.  This is after checking this and that, cleaning everything and replacing the LP regulator.  We still get the E-1 error intermittently. ? Since the burner assembly works perfectly it leaves only one possibility – the Electronics.

When we look at the electronics of a Dometic RM 3762 2-way Refrigerator, we are talking about:

  1.  The Control Board
  2.  The Igniter/Reigniter
  3.  The Thermistor
  4.  Lastly the Solenoid

Dometic basically suggested the Control Board is the culprit!  So it’s on order ($350.00 cdn).  I also decided to replace the Igniter/Reigniter at the same time.  The chances of a failing solenoid is slim, so I will leave solenoid as is for the moment (living in the state of hope ?).  Will update this repair issue once completed.

The Thermistor appears to be working OK for the moment as well.  However, I am intrigued by Articca RV Thermostat Kit to replace the standard Dometic Thermistor.

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