E-1 Refrigerator Error Continues

Well, our Trip to Morton Lake had that elusive E-1 Refrigerator Error return after 6 days out.  This is after checking this and that, cleaning everything and replacing the LP regulator.  We still get the E-1 error intermittently. 😫 Since the burner assembly works perfectly it leaves only one possibility – the Electronics.

When we look at the electronics of a Dometic RM 3762 2-way Refrigerator, we are talking about:

  1.  The Control Board
  2.  The Igniter/Reigniter
  3.  The Thermistor
  4.  Lastly the Solenoid

Dometic basically suggested the Control Board is the culprit!  So it’s on order ($350.00 cdn).  I also decided to replace the Igniter/Reigniter at the same time.  The chances of a failing solenoid is slim, so I will leave solenoid as is for the moment (living in the state of hope 😋).  Will update this repair issue once completed.

The Thermistor appears to be working OK for the moment as well.  However, I am intrigued by Articca RV Thermostat Kit to replace the standard Dometic Thermistor.

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