Is Airstreaming Environmentally Friendly ?

We work hard to be eco-friendly by reducing our environmental footprint even though we use a BIG truck to tow our Airstream.  Our F-150 uses a small efficient 3.5 ecoboost twin-turbo engine. This gives us great gas mileage and lower emissions yet is powerful enough to take us where we want to go.

We also use Propane to power our appliances and our Champion Generator. Propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile fuels available. It isn’t toxic and emits lower greenhouse gas emissions than many other alternative options (like gasoline). However, even though it emits a small amount of greenhouse gas, propane itself doesn’t act as a greenhouse gas due to how insignificant the emissions are. Propane is released as a gas, which means it doesn’t spill, pool or leave residue. In the unlikely event of a tank leak, propane won’t harm the air, soil or water. Propane has also been approved as an alternative fuel by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To run our LED lights and systems we use 12v lithium batteries. These are charged by 200 watts of roof-top Solar Panels. We also carry an additional 160 watt portable solar system for when we are required to hunt for the Sun.

When we find the sun don’t shine our propane powered generator can run everything (AC, Microwave, Lights, Fridge etc) and charge the batteries as well.

Just as an aside – Our Blog is on Web-Hosting Canada which uses Solar to power their services.  What this means is even our Airstream Blog is Environmentally Friendly 😎

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