Gear and Equipment List

This is a great list to ponder – not my invention but a good one to think on!

  1. A set of leveling blocks – enough to meet all leveling requirements (24)
  2. A 20ft sewer hose (two 10ft sections)
  3. A clear sewer connection (likely not provided)
  4. A 90 degree sewer connection (likely not provided)
  5. A sewer hose support rack
  6. A 25ft fresh water hose
  7. A 25 ft black tank flush hose
  8. A water thief fitting (connects hose to a non screw thread hydrant)
  9. A 4-5 gallon water jug
  10. A Folding Wagon to cart stuff
  11. An internal and external entry mat (likely get an AS internal one)
  12. A set of four wheel chocks (get a set of x-chocks, but use both types)
  13. A coupler lock (research and get a good one (Vault is better)
  14. A Weight Distribution Sway Control Hitch (not usually included with sale of coach)
  15. A torque wrench and socket to set wheel lugs (alum moves for 500-2000 miles)
  16. A set of fuses
  17. A spare light bulb for vent fan lights and LEDs
  18. A few spare screws, rivets/tool, glue, cable ties
  19. A multi meter and basic tool kit
  20. A set of battery powered LED laterns
  21. A portable LPG grill/BBQ
  22. Two fire extinguishers – upgrade the one by the door and a large one as spare
  23. A 25 ft TV coax cable and male-male connector
  24. A mat 8×12 or so to set up exterior patio
  25. Aerospace 303 spray lub for windows
  26. Lubrication grease for hitch and ball
  27. Disposable gloves to handle grease and sewer connections
  28. Spray wax/cleaner and microfibre towels to remove grease and bugs (speed shine)
  29. A good tire pressure gauge
  30. Jack for changing tire or raising trailer frame
  31. Set of 4-6 16in square plywood pads to spread weight in soft conditions
  32. A 24in level (some use their phone) to setup coach when site is not level
  33. Mirror extensions if TV is not equipped
  34. Backup camera, now standard equipment on 2019 Airstreams (Look at the 7in monitor)
  35. Pack two warm sleeping bags
  36. A weather radio
  37. A winterizing kit
  38. A small compressor (Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit)
  39. Get a surge protector.
  40. Breaker bar and torque wrench for tightening rims.
  41. Also a good tool set with various sockets and bits.
  42. 2 folding outdoor chairs
  43. A decent portable vacuum (we use the tiny Dyson)
  44. Replace the ebrake breakaway cable with a Fastaways, won’t rust.
  45. Consider adding a small induction burner to your kitchen gadget.

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