Getting Ready To Go!

I must confess that it feel really good to see the Provincial Campgrounds on Vancouver Island opening up.  We have been house bound like everyone else for 3 months and I’m starting to go a bit stir-crazy.😵

We brought Blue Streak home on the weekend to de-winterize and generally clean inside and out from the long winter sleep (so far so good).  Noticed that the screws attaching the Fantastic fan lids to the fan housing are rusting so needs attention (replace screws).  If you notice on a couple of pic in the Blog Header there were some scuffs and scratches on the curb side of Blue Streak (the cost of boondocking in the woods).  Spent about 3 hours with “Scratch Doctor” (a very mild rubbing compound) removing 95% of them.  For a 16+ year old Airstream, Blue Streak is in very good exterior shape. Some minor oxidization (filiform corrosion) on the tail light assembly and door hings.  Interestingly that this oxidization appears on the “cast” aluminum parts only.  Over the summer I will sand these out and re-coat with acrylic lacquer these parts.

I will be heading up to Port Alberni to my friend and mechanic (Rick Denis) to service the Red Dragon and have the brakes and bearings done on Blue Streak.

Soon we head out to Little Qualicum Campground for 5 days or so – the beginning of our Summer 🤩😎

Post Servicing Note:

Blue Streak’s brakes and bearing are in great condition!

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