Lithium Experiment Finished

This is Brickster and we have lift off 😎. Yep, it took me almost a week of part time work to finish the install.  The journey that you have followed shows just how much is involved in the “simplest” of conversion from outside Lead Acid Batteries to inside Lithium Batteries.  We’re not taking about a multi thousand-dollar Victron Systems job here.  We are talking about a conversion of about $2000.00 cdn complete while utilizing the workable existing Airstream systems.

Never-the-less, “simplest” means the planning, research and obtaining all the necessary parts.  Then there is also the dismantling of the interior of the Airstream and modification of the interior to accommodate the install.  Was it worth it?? Well, the coming 2021 summer will answer that part of the experiment 🤨.

So, this is what it looks like finished….

The top of the above picture is the front of Blue Streak and the install was in Box Number 2 (driver’s side).  You may notice a Red and Black 2 gauge wire with Red Caps.  Both are “positive” waiting to connect to the kill switch (what can I say? I ran out of red).  Yep, the install is just like in the diagram below 🤩.

You can see the connection to the kill switch a bit clearer above with the two wires connected to the kill switch in the upper right hand corner (just off screen).  The “positive” first runs through the ANL 80amp fuse.  That small white wire is the power source for AiLi Voltmeter/Amp meter  shunt. {added note: The white strap you see is designed to hold the batteries down so they do not jump the rails that keep them from sliding around. This is very important. I have seen internal installs without hold down straps which IMHO is a huge mistake.}

The kill switch above sit under the Lounge cushion for easy access.

Here is the finished Job 🥱 (boring) Yep, you would never even know it took place 🤐.  There is one last aspect of this instal and that is the upgrade from our existing legacy PWM Solar Charge Controller to a new MPPT Solar Charge Controller.  This was a frustrating upgrade – see why here. 😎

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