Lithium Experiment Part 4

Wiring the new lithium system will have its challenges – some good, some bad and some ugly. Below is a preliminary diagram of what this will look like.


To begin with is the ugly. We have a “rats nest” of existing wiring all centered around the Airstream Battery Disconnect System located in an impossible “to get at location” at the front of Blue Streak behind the lounge back rest – see pic below.

The goal here is not to disturb this rats nest but simply locate the existing positive/negative battery wires coming in from the existing outside battery box. Disconnecting these and then connect the new positive/negative wires from the new lithium house batteries. Also need to reuse the old existing “positive wire” as an extension for the Power Jack (lets not forget Jack).😛

The relocating of the house batteries from the “outside box” to the new “inside location” under the Lounge is next. The struggle I am having is the weight placement of the two lithium batteries (52lbs total).  Under Box Number 1 the weight is more central BUT harder to get at for maintenance and install. This area is supported only by the floor.  In Box Number 2 the weight is more towards the drivers side of Blue Streak BUT easy to get at for maintenance and installation.  This area is directly over the structural frame of the trailer.😟

We have completed the dismantling of the Lounge and we’re just waiting for the lithium batteries to arrive along with the Smart Charger Controller. Next will be choosing the best location to finish the instal.  Go Here for lithium experiment part 5. 😎

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