LP Regulator Replacement

This must be the Summer for maintenance!

However, when you have a 16 year old Airstream that looks like new, one must figure on maintenance to keep it looking that way.

While we were at Elk Lake a couple of weeks ago we had an E-1 error message show up on our refrigerator.  Thing would run for several hours then error – E-1.  After extensive poking and prodding I came to the conclusion that the fridge was working as it should.  Next, I began examining the propane delivery system.  E-1 error is a LP system error.

The problem began when the propane in the “supply side” tank was near empty.  However, the regulator did not switch over to the “reserve side” tank.  So for the sake of $100.00 I ordered a new Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253H Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk and new pig tail connections.

The hardest part was lifting out the two 30# full LP tanks.  😋  Once I put it all together again, tested for leaks (spray bottle with soap and water) DONE!  Next trip out will tell the story…

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