New Water Pump Install

We noticed that the water pump had begun to cycle every 10 minutes or so.  In reading what this could mean I began to investigate.  First thing I did was to take a sheet of paper towel and check all the plumbing joints under sinks etc.. looking for leaks (while the system was pressurized).  With none found I figured the pump’s back-check valve had probably failed.  Once that was determined (discussions with ShurFlo) – buy a new pump because the repair kits for a 16 year old pump are no longer available.  This is where Amazon becomes your best friend.

Next job of course is, remove the old and replace with the new 😒.  This is where the real fun begins.  The pump is in a small dark area under the primary closet, connected directly to the PEX water piping (not very flexible), and joy of joys behind a 2″ black PVC vent stack with 4″ furnace ducting coming out the only access panel to the pump.  I love it when things are easy, don’t you?😖  Top it off, there is no way to use a small power screw driver so it all has to be done by hand! Oh ya – that’s me lying on my stomach in order to get at the stupid thing.

3 hours later pump installed, leak free, and pressure holding 👌 Now that’s entertainment!!!!!!

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