That’s No Joke

I was watching the News on the telly a couple of days ago.  One of the headline stories was about a wheel falling off a car.  However, the story was really about “The Joke“.  It appears that there were several vehicles at an event where someone had loosened the Lug Nuts on the vehicle wheels –  for a “joke”.   A Joke! Can you imagine how dangerous that is?

Why did I bring this up in todays Blog Post?  

I have read of horror stories on the Airstream Forum.  That is stories of travellers stopping at restaurants and rest-stops who, on inspection of their Rig, discovered that their “hitch pin” or “coupler latch” had been opened or even removed – you know – for a joke (funny eh!)…

Here is the thing. I have had people ask me why I use BOTH a “Bolt 5/8 Receiver Lock/Pin” rather than a simple hitch pin & clip AND a “Coupler Latch Lock” rather than a simple safety pin while we are travelling.  People usually enquire; “Isn’t it a pain in the butt to have to dig out your keys to unlock them every time you stop to unhitch from the truck?” 🙄

While I have never experienced anything negative happening to us – I just don’t want to experience “the joke“.  I am too old to take chances.  The reality is I am paranoid and don’t laugh when people play “funny dangerous jokes” on other people. Not only do we secure everything, we also inspect the rig after a stop before we continue on our journey.  This sometimes includes a check on the torque of the Airstream wheels lug nuts (which should be done in any event while on the road).

You may think that I am a bit TOO paranoid here and that’s OK …. I do hope that you at least inspect your rig after a stop (even for gas).  Realise that it only takes a second for “the joke” to happen and only takes a minute to make sure you’re safe … just saying. 😎

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