Not In The ZipDee Manual

Just one of those OOPS! moments.

The ZipDee awning is and interesting part of our Airstream.  To open, you undo the three (3) travel locks, take a special hook rod and catch a 3″ tongue (a strap) and pull the awning out to extend it. Easy really.  To close the awning you give a gentle push on the extended awning while holding the strap and allow the spring to roll it up, using the strap to control the speed of accent 🙄.  When the awning is about 6″ or so from closure, you let go and it snaps closed under its protective aluminum cover. Easy really.

Now this is a simplistic explanation of the process.

BUT! what do you do when let go and the “tongue” of the strap (which is REQUIRED to open the awning) disappears completely under the protective aluminum cover 😲😭😬😱.

Well, you open the user manual for the ZipDee Awning under the “trouble shooting section” – right – duh – nothing there –  zip zero nada.

Research tells me that this is a common occurrence. So you would think that the manufactures of this great awning system would provide a “if you loose the strap under the protective aluminum cover this is what you do” under the trouble shooting section of the manual.  BUT NOPE, you have to make a phone call to ZipDee or your local Airstream Dealer thus making a fool of yourself with this stupid question.

NO! I am not going to tell you how to solve this problem. I give you the pleasure of making the phone call same a me 😎.

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