Water Tank Failure?

So here we are. Preparing to go for our first two week Boondock. Everything checked out to be perfect in every way. The last thing for me to do was to fill the 39 US gallons (148 litres) freshwater tank after we did all the sanitising etc etc etc.

Stuck the hose into the fill port and filled the tank with cool water. About 30 minutes later I noticed there’s water underneath the Airstream. NOooo! wouldn’t you know it the tank is leaking. So we have cancelled our first trip, made an appointment with our friendly RV repair place to have this checked out.

Bottom line is it’s one of two things:

  1. The low point drain valves have come loose or cracked in the bottom of the tank causing the water to flow out slowly and surely flowing.
  2. However, I have a sinking feeling that the tank is cracked, which would be the worst case scenario and very costly.

Unfortunately this means eliminating July from any camping at all. Boohoo?boohoo?boohoo?.

Go here for The Big Fix!

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