Outdoor Cooking??

We have had folks ask us why we have an Outdoor Kitchen Set-up when our Airstream has a fully equipped kitchen?  Well, that is a great question.

First, let’s go back to our beginnings.  We began camping in a tent.  That means ALL our cooking was on a camp stove.  Our camp stove was special: made by Brinkmann, is stainless steel, two burner. Just love this little stove, it’s to bad they no longer make it.  After 12 years the original Pressure Regulator died.  I redesign the system to run off a 20# LP tank.

When we moved to our first Tiny Trailer (a 2007 T@B), we purchased a Grill-Pro Stainless Steel BBQ which also runs off the system.  I know, cooking on a BBQ is not “cooking” outdoors it’s “BBQ-ing” outdoors and everybody does that!🙄 While that’s true.  But listen, we do 80% of breakfast and Dinner in our outdoor kitchen and here is why.

How can you be indoors when your kitchen is like this.  This is why we “Glamp” – it’s to be in nature and loving it.

In truth, yours truly does 90% of the cooking. However, here is a pic with Mo at the Brinkmann doing a veggy strifry and me at the BBQ doing BBQ-ed pork chops….. YUMMMM.😎

The results! Dinner by candle lite with our favorite wine 😋

Now with that – let’s eat 😎😎

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