Planning Some 12v Upgrades

One of the challenges we have faced in Blue Streak is the lack of 12 volt outlets (there are only two) none of which are in the “living area” by the couch.  Nor are there any available fuse spaces which will allow for expansion.

We would like to be able to plugin our 300 watt converter in order use this for brief application of 110 volt appliances such as a coffee grinder.  I happen to “love the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning” (NO! I am not stealing the line from Apocalypse Now ?).  One of the issues is the need to have a clean 20-25 amp line to run the converter.  For example, our coffee grinder draws 175 watts.

The location of the Airstream’s Convertor/Charge is on the street-side, under the couch. What I need to do is add a separate fuse box to connect a 12 volt outlet (25 amp fused) + a double 2.1 amp USB outlet + an AiLi Volt meter + a kill switch (see the rough sketch plan below).

Parts Required Are:

  1. 6 Gauge 6 AWG 10 Feet Black + 10 Feet Red Welding Battery Pure Copper Flexible Cable Wire to match existing positive and negative running from battery to the Convertor/Charger.
  2. Junction Post Block (5/16)  to connect existing 6 Gauge to new.
  3. AiLi Voltmeter Ampmeter Voltage Current Meter Voltmeter Ampmeter 80V 350A (complete with shunt)
  4. 12V 10 Way Blade Fuse Box Holder with LED Warning Light Kit (Positive side fuse box)
  5. 12-Unit Negative Bus Bar (Negative side)
  6. Electop Dual USB Socket Charger 2.1A & 2.1A with LED + 12V Power Outlet Cigarette Lighter Socket (at the couch – need 1″ hole saw)
  7. 12v/24v On/Off Battery Isolator Kill Switch (fits flat under the couch cushions – need to find a 2.7/8″-3″ hole saw)
  8. Last but not least 25 feet of colour coded 12 gauge copper wire from Canadian Tire to put it all together.

Included in the picture is our new 300watt pure sine wave inverter.  Incase you are wondering about the “hook & eye,” we like to leave the screen door open on those real hot night.  So I thought a hook and eye just for a bit of added security would be a good idea.  Also that white square is the new RV 4 Level – going cell phone Bluetooth digital  ?

Will provide pictures when done ?

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