Projects for Spring 2020

Well, we have a bunch of projects to do this Spring over and above the “dewinterizing and get it ready to go” stuff. 😛 All we’re doing is waiting for the weather to warm-up.

Things to double check on Airstream

  1. Check Bracket that holds the black/waste tanks valve – caulk screws {This is one of those “what” things.  Last year at a dump station the two little screws that hold up the end of the drain valve bracket had fallen out (say what?). Yep, while I replaced the screws I still need to go one step further and use a bit of Sikaflex to make sure the screws stay fixed.}
  2. Finish caulking about the belt line (near front)
  3. Silicone grease all window seals
  4. Remove and replace the rusty screws on fan vent lids 
  5. Check over all caulking (roof, windows, door etc.)
  6. Check to make sure the exterior is not “live” when plug-in to power  {yep, last year I had to replace the outside 110v outlet. While the ground fault tester shows all is OK the ground fault switch trips when you unplug from a couple of outlets (inside and out).  This could simply be a 16 year old switch that is failing but need to check out what’s happening.}
  7. Use Flexseal on inside of Rear Bumper Storage and Battery Compartment (rust prevention) {This is a 16 year old Airstream that has been exposed to weather.  The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or if you prefer: A little precaution before a crisis occurs is preferable to a lot of fixing up afterward!!!🤪}
  8. Fun Job – Grease the Wheel Bearings (my mechanic in Port Alberni is Rick Denis – great honest guy)
  9. Will have him check (do) the brakes at the same time
  10. Install NEW wheel lugs McGard 64010 Chrome Bulge Cone Seat Style Lug Nuts (finally getting rid of those lousy capped lugs that were standard – 🤢🤮)

Things to finish installing

  1. Volt/Amp Monitor
  2. RV Level System (digital, works with cell phone)
  3. 12 volt Plugs in living area
  4. Battery Kill switch
  5. Turn the Jack Head (so I can drop the tail gate while Hitched 🤬)
  6. Exchange old breakway cable for new “fastway ZIP”

Truck Install Wish List

  1. AIRAID 401-701 AIRAID Jr. Intake Tube Kit
  2. SuperSprings International, Inc. SSR-117-40 SuperSprings
  3. Forward Radar Safety Alert Collusion Detector System
  4. DiamondBackSE Tonneau Cover with Thule CrossBars
  5. Leather Steering Wheel Cover

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