Rain In BC – Go Away

What’s with this winter in July we are having in BC??  We just got back from 12 days at one of our favourite boondocking campsites at Loveland Bay, Vancouver Island.  This time of year is normally 25c (77f), Sunny, just kicking back soaking up the rays. Not this year!

Of the 12 day we had the average temp of 11c (51f), complete with cold winds off the water and cloudy. Oh? Did I mention the rain? 10 days of the 12.  Just so much fun 😎.

But Hey!  it’s not all bad.  Some of the perks are food (notice the little red freshly picked huckleberries with the pancakes and fruit)

and cuddling up under warm blankets, listening to the rain gently falling on Blue Streak.

The simple reality is that you make the best of it.  Life is too short to just mope around.  So Hey there is always the next trip.  After all, the Pacific High is going to happen sooner or later.  Then what? Complain because it’s too HOT?

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