Shine Blue Streak Shine

While our travels for 2019 are not yet over I decided to begin some of the annual season maintain a bit early. 

First, we had the opportunity to replace our aging 6 volt ‘Costco’ Batteries with new T-105 Deep-Cycle Golf Cart Batteries at $100 off list each.  Also was able to transfer my Flow-Rite System without a problem.  They hold a full charge rate of 12.8 volts and will be monitored and charged by our 200 watt roof top solar panels.  I was going to replace the batteries in the Spring – but who can turn down a $200 saving 🤩🤩

The next seasonal job was to ‘Walbernize’ Blue Streak.  I am always amazed how it shines after.  It takes me about 4 + hours to ‘super seal’ 25 ft of outside aluminium.  That is, 2 sides + the front and rear (that’s gotta be close to 600 sq.ft), but WOW!!! – Shine Blue Streak Shine.😵

Not sure if I mentioned earlier in the blog but the tires on Blue Streak had reached the magical 5 year should be changed rule.  So we had changed the tires to the new Goodyear Endurance which carry a E-Rate just before our Morton Lake excursion.  Since most of our camping is off-road Boondocking we feel much more comfortable.

Once this crazy long weekend is over and the kids are back to school, we will plan one last camping trip to a favourite place.

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