Side Marker Light Cameras Project

One of the projects we had for this year (2022) was the instal of the Haloview CA112 Wireless RV Side Marker Light Cameras.

Well, when you go to YouTube you see how easy this is to instal – at least on the typical flat sided “White Box Trailer” (no offence meant).  Let me say it’s not that easy on an Airstream trailer.  I did not expect some of the surprises I got during the instal.  I think it’s important to remind you of the fact that Blue Streak is a 20 year old International 25 CCD and being 20 years old you should expect issues🙄.

Example #1 – When I removed the existing side-marker light on the passenger side I discovered two things.

1) the marker light is a bulb type! (why surprised? because all the rest of the lights on Blue Streak had been converted to LED).

2) they must be the original “bulbs” because this one was ‘rusted’ to the housing (see pic).

Example #2 – The wire leads (white ground and black positive) exited the airstream body through a 1/4″ dia. grommeted hole and the length of these lead wires are only about 1″ and they can’t be pulled out to make them longer (too short you say! – no kidding 😖).

Well, I just happened to have a 1/2″ hole saw – so I cut an additional hole (carefully) next to the exiting hole.  This then provided needed space to connect the wires and push them into the Airstream body.  I used clear silicone (gasp!! 🤬) in order to both fill the new and existing screw holes (which are not usable). This also assisted in securing the new side-maker cameras to the exterior (while they are not heavy – they do have some weight to them).  It is important to note that the 4 screws holding the new side-maker cameras CANNOT be over tightened because of the curve of the Airstream body (as slight as it is at this point) because it will distort the side-marker frame (which is also why the original side-marker leaked and rusted).  Sorry I did not take a picture, so I trust this description is clear.  Basically, the instal, save the uniqueness of the Airstream 😏, is the same as on a “white box trailer”.

Finished instal ….

And the close-up (the lens still has the protective plastic on it)

Just a side note – the cameras have 3 positions and can be adjusted, also the viewing range is very large, so the “awning strut assembly” seen above, really is not a viewing issue. 😎


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