Tearing Down To Break Camp

For details of how we “Set-Up” when we first arrive at a Campsite, read the Post “What are Chocks For”.  Please note that this procedure is specific to us and our Airstream Int’l 25 CCD “Blue Streak” and may be different for you 🙂

The day before you leave (Remember to take your time)

• Close the grey tank valve (if open)
• Put away camping gear, BBQ etc.

Prior to leaving (Interior check list)

1. *Turn Off Water Pump*
2. Stow all loose interior items, dishes etc.
3. Close & Latch interior doors and cabinets
4. Close both Fantastic Fan Vents & Bathroom Vent
5. Close & Latch Windows
6. Turn Off Radio
7. Turn Off Water Heater
8. Turn Off Refrigerator (if required)
9. Place Shower-head on floor/drain plug in shower floor
10. Secure garbage containers
11. Lower TV Antenna
12. Latch Refrigerator door
13. Empty Toilet Bowl
14. Turn Off Lights
15. Secure Table in up-right position

Prior to leaving (exterior check list)

1. Add fresh water (if needed)
2. Retract awning
3. Latch Stove Vent
4. Disconnect from water, sewer and the electrical panel (if required) stow hoses
5. Retract stabilizers jacks, stow pads
6. Retract Steps
7. Close and lock entry door
8. Connect tow vehicle – Hitch secure, safety chain and breakaway cable
9. Turn off LP
10. Check TV Antenna is Down
11. Retract power jack, stow stand, blocks
12. Remove chocks, stow Beech lane levelers
13. Check tire PSI and wear pattern inside and out, torque wheel lugs
14. Walk around – check lights, close storage door etc.

Once you’re in the tow vehicle

• Check tire PSI with TPMS
• Check trailer brakes
• Double check campsite before leaving
• Tow Mirrors Out
• Engage Tow/Haul

If Dump Station Available

• Empty the black tank
• Sani-flush (if needed)
• Empty the grey tank


Tools of the trade 💩💩
And sometimes it’s nice to have a back-up 😲😲😲💩

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