The Art Of Being Level Part 1

Let’s talk about the Art of Levelling Your Travel Trailer so we can remove all the mystery that seem to surround this important part of camping.

“Why You Need Your Trailer Level At Your Campsite”:

First and foremost is that most RV fridges are run by Silent Absorption Technology. That is, they do not have a “compressor unit like your fridge at home (though I understand that the 2021 Airstreams now have an RV compressor fridge). To keep it simple, Absorption Refrigerators change the refrigerant gas into a liquid by employing only heat, with no moving parts other than the refrigerant gas, which goes around in a circle of tubes. So what it does is simply draws out the heat inside the fridge making everything cool.

Levelling is one of the most requirements for proper operation of absorption refrigerators. Proper levelling must be maintained to provide the correct refrigerant flow. Without proper levelling, refrigerant within the cooling unit will collect and stagnate at certain areas. Without proper refrigerant flow, the cooling process will stop – believe me you don’t want it to stop (think about warm beer, thawed frozen food and quick end to your Boondock adventure 😥).

In our old T@B we had a Norcold 3 way fridge which ran on AC or DC or LP. In Blue Streak our Dometic fridge is AC/LP only. In any event, in order for it to work well it must be on the level.

Second reason is you will sleep better at night – Have you ever tried sleeping on a slanted bed? While some people like their feet higher than their head I personally don’t. I like my bed level so I don’t slide off the mattress onto the floor (I know, corner bedroom in our International 25 keeps you pinned in the corner) or roll up against the 🥶 “cold” 🥶 aluminium skin.

Third reason is the comfort of just living in the trailer. Just imagine how even a slight slant will be  noticeable when walking around inside the trailer. You will find yourself overcompensating to maintain your balance. Then there is the matter of cooking. If the stove’s not level you will not be happy with the outcome of your efforts (I dislike my pancakes half cooked and half burnt). Opening and closing cupboards without stuff falling on your head. Ever had the contents of you toilet struggling to drop into the holding tank? 💩 Really, level is better.

In Part 2 we will discuss the “Tools You Need To Level Your Trailer When You Arrive At Your Campsite” (Go Here). 😎


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