Lithium Experiment Introduction

We spend most of our time “Boondocking” (total this past summer 5 trips @ 14 days). What we have found is that our 2x6v Trojan T-105s = 105ah just aren’t cutting it.  While in the back country of BC catching sun to maintain a battery charge can be a challenge, even with 400w of solar (remember BC has trees [see pic] – this is not Alberta flat country).

What this means is: it’s time to bit-the-bullet and go Lithium.  We will be installing 2x12v 100ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries in parallel for 200ah.  This will be installed inside Blue Streak under the Lounge.  We will also be updating our IOTA Charger/Converter for lithium compatibility.

Just exchanging the battery type alone will also reduce the hitch weight by almost 100lbs. 🙂

Everything is on order (batteries, wire, lugs) and the “experiment” will be documented here over the next couple of weeks.  Go Here for lithium experiment part 2 😎

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