The Power Jack Saga

When we pickup our “preowned” 2004 International 25 CCD it came with a Lippert 3500# Power Tongue Jack.  The jack does the job it was designed to do:  Raise and lower the trailer (what more do you want a jack to do?)  Well, that question is a trick question.  This is because part of the answer is: “When I hitched to our tow vehicle I want to be able to lower the tail gate of said tow vehicle.”😃

As it turns out the design of the LCI jack simply does not allow this to happen.  For months I have searched the internet looking for ways to turn the jack 90* to allow the tail gate to open.  The problem is the jack is connected to the trailer A-frame with “three” (3) bolts.  Meaning you cannot simply turn it 90*.

I have come across instructions on how simple it is to remove the jack head on the the “standard” jack that usually is found on Airstreams – However, Lippert LCI Jack is NOT one of those.

THEN, blessed be the man who happened to own a trailer with the Lippert LCI Jack dilemma and Figured it out – providing a detailed instruction video – Thank YOU….Randy McDuffie


Needless to say this is on my Spring To-Do List 😁

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