To Do List For Spring 2021-02/06 Update

Like most, if not all RV/Caravan owners, maintenance is an on going thing and this coming spring I have several projects in mind already for my To Do List.

First thing is to add a Camco Winterising Kit to the fresh water pump. Our norm is to both, blow out the water lines via the city water inlet, then add RV anti-freeze via the fresh water pump. This protects the inline filter and pump itself from damage by freezing.

Now, if you can recall (blog post under maintenance), I replaced the pump a year or so ago and it is located in a VERY awkward and most inaccessible spot one could imagine. Every winter I have to become Houdini in order to attach a 1/2″ line to the pump to draw the RV anti-freeze through the line from the bottle. I AM DONE WITH THAT CRAP! 😁  Once the Camco Kit is installed all that needs to be done is reach-in and turn the 3 way valve, stick the 1/2″ tube into the RV anti-freeze bottle and turn on the pump – done like Flint. 😎

Since I will have the fresh water pump uprooted I am also thinking of adding some 1/2″ flexible tubing to the in/out nipples of the fresh water pump. The rigid PEX pipe that now directly connects to the pump just seems to vibrate when the pump runs, making more noise than the pump itself.

Next on the list is the replacing of Amanda stove top grate grommets. It just blew my mind when I discovered that the grommets are “special” and the price was $16.00 for four (4) grommets. You would think they were made of gold!?! 🙄

Next on the list is the ability to connect to WI-FI.  Believe it or not it’s not so much “Cell Phone usage” that’s an other story. Rather it is the ability to turn Blue Streak into a roaming “Hotspot”.  To this end we have purchased an Netgear Nighthawk M1 mr1100 Mobile Hotspot. 📡

A specific Nighthawk Mi-Mo Antenna, which “suction cups” to a window, comes with the unit and will work well when cell tower signal is available in order to boost the signal.

We are also adding a Signal Booster to assist our ability to be connected to service when Boondocking.  Researching what to buy.  There are several options out there ranging between $350.00 – $700.  What I have discovered is $$$$$ does not necessarily mean it’s better. So I have settled on Anntlent Cell Phone Signal Booster. 🔐

I will provided a detailed series of instal blog posts titled: The WI-FI Experiment

Next on the list:

One of the things we do to extend our Boondocking is to carry an additional 30l (6gal) of water.  I have lost the joy of lifting a 60lb water container up to transfer the water into Blue Streak’s tank.  So I am going to rig as “transfer system” using a DasMarine Diaphragm Water Pressure Pump connected to our portable Jump Start via a 12V 5A Female Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter.  This is a very small unit – easy-please me. 🤗

Next on the list:

Major clean and Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax on the exterior for seal and shine.  Then interior and we are ready for another great season of Boondocking.


The existing Solar Charge Controller is a (Legacy) Speciality Concepts Mark 15 PWM.  This has worked well over the years to maintain the lead acid batteries.  However, after upgrading to SOK lithium it’s time to update the solar charge controller.  While there are several to choose from, the PWM happens to provided LED info in a flush mounted panel inside Blue Streak.  So removal will leave a 4.5″x6.5″ hole in the wall!  Fortunately I have found a replacement MPPT controller.  I will be installing a BlueSky 3000i to replace this legacy controller. 😎

This is just the beginning – So come back and check later 😛

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