Water Pump Relocation

As I mentioned back in February that I was sick and tired of lying on my stomach looking into a dark hole, doing my Houdini Act, in order to run anti-freeze through the fresh water pump each winter so the pipes don’t freeze.  Then in the Spring, go through it again in order to remove the inline filter for cleaning – then reassemble the stupid thing. Back in 2019 I had to replace the old pump. This job took me over 3 hours and at that time I made a promise to relocate it.  (go here to read about it and cry with me) It’s hard to believe that an easier location for the pump could not have been found.  The pump must have been installed BEFORE the cabinets were installed over top of it.


The following is a brief explanation of moving the pump from the back of the small dark hole into the light. First I ran flex tubing to both the inlet and outlet sides of the pump.  This added flexibility was the KEY to moving the pump to where it is now located.  The flex tube will also help to reduce the “chatter” as the PEX piping is no longer attached directly to the pump (shake, rattle and chatter).  Now, after relocating the pump, I have immediate direct access to it when you open the very small access door to this very small space.  Also, to help reduce the pump noise I added extra 1/4″ close cell foam padding. The pump and pad are screwed to a 3/8″ board.  The board rests on 1/2″ closed cell foam pad and is screwed to the floor.  What this does is completely separates the pump from the structure (floating).  As you can see in the pictures below, I added a new easy access  Shurflo inline filter and the Camco Pump Converter (brass) Winterising Kit.  I decided that resting the rather heavy brass valve on a closed cell foam block would reduce the strain on the plastic connection joints.  If I run across a plastic two-way ball valve I will replace it.  It is hard to believe that the pump was originally located behind that black vent pipe! ?

The only thing left to do once I fill the fresh water tank is to pressurise the system and check for leaks. ?  This makes me so happy – Oh Hum, the simple things in Airstream DIY life that makes living the life easier. ?



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