What Are “Chocks” For?

Ball X Chocks
Heavy Duty Rubber Chocks
BeechLane Leveler Kit

I can remember when we owned our T@B Trailer it had the wonderful feature called a “Handbrake” built right into the frame.  All you had to do was pull the handle up, uncouple and drop the stabilizers and enjoy.

Our Airstream Int’l 25 (Blue Streak) does not work that way. There is no “Handbrake” to set.  So our typical set-up when we arrive at a campsite has several variables.  The “key” variable is the “level” of the site.  If there is a bit of a slope the first thing we do is pull out the “BeechLane Leveling Kit” and place them under the tandem wheels as appropriate, then pull the Airstream forward until the unit is ‘level’ (more or less 🙂 ).  We then put the BL chocks under the levelers to secure the system.  Next we then place the Heavy Duty Rubber Chocks on the opposite side.  We then unhitch (leaving the chains attached to the Red Dragon) and using the jack, level front to rear.  Once the unit is level we then take the “Ball X Chocks” and install them between the wheels, lower our Airstream stabilizers, unchain and enjoy!!

Now, if the campsite is more or less level we can for-go the BeechLane Leveling Kit.  Just chock both sides, uncouple (leaving the chains attached), level front to rear with the jack, insert the Ball X Chocks, drop the stabilizers, unchain and enjoy!!

The important thing is NEVER FORGET WHAT TO DO and WHAT YOU HAVE DONE 🙂

Things we also do including when we are at a full service site:

  1. Before we do the leveling/chocking bit we make sure we can “reach” the site services with our power cord, sewer connection and water hose.
  2. After leveling/chocking and disconnecting from Red Dragon we connect to the site services.
  3. Open the LP Tanks (If Required)
  4. Unlatch the Stove Vent

NOW we can bring out the camp rug, chairs, BBQ etc and enjoy!!!

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