Why Do We Boondock?

The word “boondock” is an English expression derived from the Tagalog word “bundók” (meaning: mountains).  This was adopted by American soldiers in the Philippines to mean “remote and wild places.”  Boondocking as it now applies means an out-of-the-way wilderness areas that are difficult to access.

A few of our friends and acquaintances usually spend their weekends and holidays in “full Service” campgrounds or resorts. They just can’t understand why we “Boondock”. Simply put, life for us does not revolve around the microwave or A/C or electric appliances.

We have equipped Blue Streak with about 400w of solar to maintain our 200 amps of  lithium batteries which meets all our power needs. This runs our lights and so forth. We also carry a 3400w generator which is a great back-up (never know when 110v power might be required).

We also carry 152L (40US Gal) of water which is so we can conservatively go 10-14 days before we need to fill our tank. The Black Tank holds 60L which we have never come close to filling on our usual 9-14 day outings (we do carry a portable holding tank which so far never used however, if we leave it behind we would need it).

We boondock because we find that Forestry and Provincial Campsites provide much more privacy and space to live our lifestyle. At the same time, we enjoy the comfort of Blue Streak.  This includes the convenience of refrigeration, toilet-room with shower etc, that our Travel Trailer provides. We also much prefer cooking outside, putting up the hammock, and doing our thing by the lake (most of our campsites are lakeside which is great for kayaking).

We boondock because that is what “camping” is all about for us. It’s getting away into nature, away from the crowds, the hustle and bustle of Internet and sometimes the freedom from cell phones.

I should also point out we go on extended trips as well, at least once a year. The reality of life however, allows us to spend 90% of our time “Glamping”😎.

Just for fun here is a flash back song for you by Billy Joe Royal (May 24, 1965)

“Down In The Boondocks”

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