Our Winter Storage Check-List

Our Winter Storage check list focus is on our International 25 CCD Airstream to winterize and ready for the Off-Season Sleep.  Your list may very depending on your specific trailer.

First, visit a Dump Station and empty Grey and Black Tanks

Second, begin with:

  1. Remove all clothing, linen, towels, shoes, loose gear from interior lockers
  2. Remove all food stuff from lockers
  3. Empty Refrigerator and clean
    1. (leave doors open)
  4. Secure all windows
  5. Secure all vents
  6. Close LP tanks
  7. Check fluid levels of batteries
    1. (use flow-rite system)

Winterization Process Check-List:

  1. Drain/clean Hot water tank
  2. Open all low point drains
    1. (allow system to drain then close low point drains)
    2. (Set hot water tank by-pass)
  3. Blowout fresh waterlines with Viair Compressor at City Water Connection
    1. Open all taps one at a time (hot and cold water) until dry
      1. Kitchen
      2. Bathroom
      3. Toilet
      4. Toilet Sprayer
      5. Shower
      6. Outdoor Shower
  4. Pump RV pink anti-freeze through waterlines at water pump inlet side
    1. Open all taps one at a time (as above) until pink flows out
  5. Add anti-freeze to all drain traps
    1. Kitchen
    2. Bathroom
    3. Shower
    4. Toilet Bowl
  6. Add a little extra anti-freeze to the Black Tank via toilet
    1. Add some anti-freeze to toilet to maintain the seal
  7. Set-up Dri-Z-Air system on
    1. Kitchen Counter
    2. Bathroom Sink

As You Leave The Airstream:

  1. Press the store/Use button so red light is out (in store mode)
  2. Double lock door
  3. Check to make sure the two outside lockers are locked
  4. Install Tri-max wheel locks and tire protection covers (if required)
  5. Install Hitch Vault and lock (if required)
  6. Remove Break-away Chains (if required)

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