With Hope For 2022!

This past year 2021 I am glad to see in my rear view camera. 🤩

This is Vancouver Island, Lotus Land, the island of Milk and Honey.  This is not supposed to have drought in the summer with an unprecedented heat wave causing wild fires sweeping through towns and villages. Nor do we normally get ravaged by torrential Fall rain storms, which cause mountain landslides to destroy roads, cutting BC off from the rest of Canada and turn the Sumas Prairie, Abbotsford, BC, farmland into a lake!

Nor do we have extended Arctic Cold waves turning our usual gentle winter rains into driving snow storms, which this year (as of January 5th) has come in waves of 20cm+ on the island.  Hey, I am talking about wave after wave after “💩”, I am almost 80 and have to shovel this 💩 for the 3rd time!!! and winter isn’t over for 2 more months!!!!  If I wanted snow I would have moved to Ontario or to the interior of BC.

I haven’t been able to head over to where Blue Streak is in storage to check her out in over a month, just waiting for a break in the weather.

And this Pandemic – what can we say about this pandemic (is Omicron the end?), will it ever let us go back to normal??  Like everyone else I am tired of wearing a mask, keeping my distance and staying safe at home because of the health vulnerability I have which could kill me if exposed to this covid-19 virus. (I wish people would understand that the decisions they make have consequences beyond them – I never knew that “personal freedom” gave people the right to kill others!)


I am turning my eyes to the Spring and Summer of 2022 with renewed hope of Glamping in the Boondocks of beautiful Vancouver Island.  Here are a couple of reminder Pics….


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