Hot Days Sun Shade

We have been thinking about adding a “Sun Shade” to the awning of Blue Streak for the past couple of year.  To be honest, the idea of spending several hundred dollars for “RV” shades that attach to the awning just can’t compute.  Really, how often would you actually use it??

Last year in the “heat dome” that we experienced, I decided to do some research for options. What I choose was 12’X 6′ Black Shade Cloth Taped Edge with Grommets used in green houses for plant shade (70% UV resistant). Here is the result for $40.00 cdn.

The instal does NOT require anything permanent to be added to the awning: no snaps, screws, drilling – nothing.

You can see through it – yet provides 70% sun block..

Very easy to mount and remove for storage.  Uses simple Large Tarp Clips.

Works like a charm, cool and calm ?

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