Mouldy Mattress – No Way!

One of the issues that happens with trailers and campers is Mould under the mattress.  The questions are: Why does this happen? And How can this be prevented?

Why Does This Happen?

Simple answer is when you have a temperature variation i.e., warm damp surface hits cold you have condensation.  This is a phenomenon that often happens on single pane windows – warm and humid air inside meets a cold window – you have condensation.  Think about your mattress sitting atop of an unheated storage space.  You climb into the bunk and snuggle up under a couple of blankets – nice an warm for 8 wonderful sleepy-time hours.  What happens is your body heat warms the mattress which is in direct contact with a cold surface.  This then starts to condensate and unless is vented, turns to a damp airless mould factory.  If you live in a warm humid climate the chances of this happening is almost an expectation.

How Can This Be prevented?

Think – thermal break and/or ventilation.  The question is how do you achieve this under a mattress in you RV?

The simplest and cost free way is to lift the mattress each morning to allow air to circulate under the mattress. For us that is difficult since we have a full-size “corner” bunk in Blue Streak.

So I began to research possibilities and discovered a host of products.

  1. Thule Anti Condensation Mat – Price 200-300 dollars
  2. Den-Dry Mattress Underlay – Price 200-300 dollars
  3. Hypervent Underlay – Price 200-300 dollars
  4. Froli ZONA Bed Kits – Price about 500 dollars

They all do the same thing – act as a thermal break which allows air to circulate under the mattress.  What shocked me was the price tag ?

There had to be a less expensive way to allow air to circulate under the mattress and provide that thermal break.

Yep – there is – Jucoan Interlocking Non Slip Tiles, 11.8 X 11.8 Inch Soft PVC 

These happen to be shower drainage mats that allow water to flow underneath while you stand on the mat.

So I picked up two packs (24 pieces) from Amazon which lock together to form a single unit lifting the mattress about .9cm off the plywood base.  These tiles are designed to walk on without collapsing so will act as the prefect underlay, allowing air to flow under to mattress. The price – well hey, was a cool $60 Canadian. ?

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