It’s Been A Long Winter 2018-2019

We left ‘Blue Streak’ in Spokane Washington to have an outside shower unit installed. Our plan is to head over to pick ‘Blue Streak’ up and then spend a couple of weeks in the Canadian Kootenay Rockies. Our scheduled first stop will be Castlegar to stock up on the necessary supplies (like food!). We will then mosey down to Syringa Provincial Park for a week long stay on Lower Arrow Lake. Next, we are aiming to head over to Nelson, BC for a couple of days. This happens to be Mona’s “hometown”. So she will take me on “the tour”, exploring the old homestead. After that we are completely unplanned and will spend a week or so making our way back to Vancouver Island. We have joined “Harvest Host” which will open the door for stays at wineries and market farms, which should be fun. We have fantastic camping (boondocking) coming up this summer, so stay tuned for the up-coming Vancouver Island summer of 2019.

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