Spring Is In The Air-stream

It has been a long winter, all Covid-19 locked down.  Mo and I basically grocery shop and stay tucked in our cosy townhouse waiting for the Province to schedule our time for vaccination.  Needless to say, it’s been a long year.

There is now light at the end of this dark tunnel!  Yep! going to get the needle soon!?

Also, BC Parks has announced the opening of reservations for camping in Provincial Campgrounds starting March 08th (two month rolling window).  What this means is that on March 08 you can reserve for May 08 start date.  This year, the reservation system is only open to BC residents (sorry about that) in an effort to provide more opportunity for outdoor activity to BC residents (BC campsites have always been sought after from around Canada and USA).

Personally, my old bones will leave May camping in BC to the “younger” Boondockers.  For us, mid-June is our start time.  We are well aware of the fact that 2021 will still be under lots of travel restrictions.  I can imagine that masks and distancing will follow all of us until 2022.  The good news is that this pandemic will come to an end and we will have a chance for better “choices of life”.  In someways I don’t want to go back to the old normal … this is a time for fresh starts.

Since our new MPPT solar charge controller has arrived, that’s next on my list of Blue Streak upgrades to do over the next week.  Yep, I will Blog the instal. ?

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