Maintaining Our Airstream Exterior Finish

For years we “Walbernized” the exterior of Blue Streak simply because it was the recommended product that “Airstream Inc.” suggested to use on the exterior aluminium panels.  However, I ended up applying the product twice a year just to maintain the shine.  Also, I was never really happy with how it covered (or didn’t cover) minor surface marks and scratches that we seem to pick-up as Boondocker’s in the forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Last year when I was “waxing” the Red Dragon (our F-150 Tow Vehicle) using a TurtleWax product called “ICE”, which is basically a synthetic acrylic polymer, I decided to give it a try on Blue Streak.


What I like about “ICE” is it goes on clear with no white residue – a simple apply and light buff with a microfibre cloth.  The finish is hard and the shine is deep.  Because it is a liquid polish it fills all the minor imperfections in the finish and I only have to do it once a year. Because the acrylic finish is so hard the protection for the thin coating on the aluminium is greatly increased against minor brushes with the Boondocking adventures. 😏

I still have a bottle of the old Walbernize which I probably will never use again.  What’s the saying – “the old has gone, the new has come”. 😎

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