We close off this “Glamping” season with two weeks of sun, fun, swimming and rain BUT was a great two weeks.

This last camp in September was not without some challenges.

  1. The spring hinge on the left side of the Attwood oven door had the screw fall out.  Since I love the great things Mo can bake I had to completely dismantle the door to put the stupid screw back in place..
  2. Mouse attack – Morton Lake happens to be one of our favourite Boondock locations BUT it is wilderness, British Columbia backwood forest with all it’s wildlife – you know – birds and bees and mice ?. Yep, we travel with mouse traps – and yes a simple mistake surrounding “bacon” was all it took for an uninvited guest .. did you know that peanut butter is the best bait?

In any event here are a couple pics:

The Boss!

The view at sunset:

Feet in the hammock:

And then there is pancakes with blue berries for Breakfast:

What more can you ask for ?

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