Boondocking Summer 2020

We love summer 😍.  We spend better than half of summer boondocking at our favorite campgrounds. No phone, no internet, no computers, no electrical stuff, just sunshine, kayaking, swimming in the lake – oh yes, and great food!

We were a bit concerned because the weather this year (2020) has been wet – and I mean rain, wind and cold.  But this last trip, wow, it was boondocking paradise at one of our favorite spots on Vancouver Island; Morton Lake.

Come-on eh! check out the pics!

Sunset makes it look like the forest is burning…

There is nothing like an early morning romp on the lake in our tandem kayak…

Just kicking back, taking in the view – this is what retirement is supposed to look like.

Complete with the perfect set-up…







and the breakfast is a taste of love from the oven….

Then the two weeks in paradise are up and it’s time to head home 😪.









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