Spring De-Winterization Process

Our Spring Start-up check list focus is on our International 25 CCD Airstream to de-winterize and ready for up coming “Glamping” Season.

Your list may very depending on your specific trailer.

At Our Storage Place:

  1. Dump and remove Dri-Z-Air containers
  2. Do a walk through and secure for travel
    1. Close all open door and drawers
    2. Close refrigerator/freezer doors
  3. Take Off Wheel Coverings
    1. Check Tire Pressure (add air as required – we run at 65lb)
    2. Check wheel lug torque (110lb)
  4. Remove Tri-Max wheel locks
  5. Remove Coupler Vault
  6. Remove Coupler Latch Lock
  7. Reattach Airstream Breakaway Chains
  8. Connect Power To Jack
  9. Hitch Airstream to Truck / Stow Blocks / Walk-About Final Check

Bring Airstream Home:

  1. Check/Close all low point drains
  2. Fill and Sanitise fresh water tank
    1. Leave sit over night
  3. Run fresh water pump to pressurize system and check for leaks
  4. Open taps to flush anti-freeze from lines
    1. Kitchen
    2. Bathroom
    3. Shower
    4. Toilet/Sprayer
    5. Outdoor Shower
  5. Open fresh water tank low point drain and drain tank
    1. Refill tank and drain again to flush
    2. Refill tank only if camping
  6. Open Hot Water tank by-pass
    1. Clean – vinegar rinse
    2. Insert hot water tank drain plug
    3. Fill tank via city water if camping
  7. Open LP tanks and run/check appliances…
    1. Stove
    2. Furnace
    3. Hot Water
    4. Refrigerator
  8. Lubricate all window seals with silicone grease
  9. Give Airstream a good spring clean inside and out
    1. Check all lockers to ensure everything is as it should be
  10. Add Tank Cleaner to Grey/Black
    1. Fill Tanks with water via fresh water tank
    2. Let stand 12-24 hours
    3. Dump Station Empty
  11. Walbernize or acrylic wax exterior
  12. Check wheel lug torque and tire pressure
  13. Check all external fittings, vents, panels and repair as requires
  14. Instal New Non-12 System Batteries
    1. Fire Alarm x2
    2. Weather Station + Sender
    3. Furnace Control Panel
    4. Moto Walkie-Talkies x2

Return To Storage

Note: May be necessary before first excursion to empty the Grey/Black Tanks at a Dump Station. 

Note: Every 5000km pull the wheels and check brakes and bearings.

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