Summer Has Arrived!

WOW!  Here we are in mid-August 2020 and we FINALLY have summer arriving.  We are back to one of our favourite campgrounds on Vancouver Island: Loveland Bay.  Two weeks of sun and fun, who could ask for more.

Part of the fun of heading into Loveland bay is the trip over 15km of Forest Service Roads (also know as Logging Roads). Below is a short video taken by Mo viewed through the windscreen of Red Dragon on the trip in – just to give you an idea what it’s like.

Once there, it is a Boondocker’s paradise – BUT Loveland Bay does have cell service.  This is simply because of the North/South orientation of the campground to the expansion of the lake.  Below is a sunset view from our campsite.

We can usually go two weeks on the water we carry, but sometimes it gets iffy.  We are fortunate that Loveland Bay does have a potable water source.  So, about 12 days into our stay I decided to top up the supply.  This means however, a 2km walk … so out with the wagon and 24L (6gal) jug and off I go.  Mo took this pic on my return.

Yes it is a beautiful spot – wish you were here BUT then … well, to be honest we like the quite, solitude of the place 😎

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