Why We Love Our Generator

We travel with the DUAL FUEL 3400W Champion Inverter Generator. Overall we have been very impressed with it. This generator provides an impressive set of features at a very reasonable cost.

What makes it special for us is the dual-fuel function that gives you the option to run on either Propane or Gasoline. This special multifunction is achieved by a fuel selector switch that rotates between the 2 options. The performance of this model is outstanding with 3060 starting watts and 2790 running watts, and it will run 14+ hours in economy mode when using 20-pound propane tank.

Some of the Champion features includes a smart Economy Mode, which reduces the electrical load, providing lesser noise in operation, extended engine life, and better fuel economy. It also has light indicators for low oil supply, overload, and normal load which is very useful in checking the status of the generator. One missing feature was a timer function in order to know the amount of time the generator has run.  Because this would be helpful in the maintenance programming, I retro fitted a Digital Self Powered Hour Meter on the generator.

Another thing to like in this generator is it has an RV-ready 30amp outlet as well as a 120volt 20amp AC duplex outlet, 12volt DC automotive outlet (with dual 2.4amp USB port adapter) and parallel outlet (should one choose to connect and run with a second generator). Also has auto-start (as well as pull-start should the rechargeable battery fail ).

We select the DUAL FUEL Champion to run on propane because propane will not gum up the carburettor. This greatly reduces maintenance and storage issues associated with gasoline (which we never carry). Also, running on propane is environmentally friendly. Propane’s lower carbon content helps make it a clean fuel source. As it burns, it also produces fewer ‘exhaust’ emissions than gasoline fuels. Propane can’t hurt water or soil because it’s not toxic. When you switch to it, you reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

For us the biggest CON is the fact this generator weighs in at a 100 pounds. Since the tailgate height of Red Dragon is something in the neighbourhood of 35 inches off the ground, the generator lives in the back of the truck during camping season and travels. There are several PROs about this setup. 1) Security (hard to steal chained inside the truck bed) 2) Noise Suppression (at 15 feet away it is hardly noticeable when running, at 20 feet you cannot hear it at all).  Since we only have a single 13500 BTU AC unit this generator will power it without an “easy-start adapter”.  We can easily charge our lithium batteries (if the solar panels can’t for some reason) and run our microwave (great for popcorn) – all at the same time. 😎

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