Glamping 2019 Season Ends

Well it’s now time to winterize Blue Streak and begin to plan for next year.

The process I follow is both air blow-out and anti-freeze for the water lines.

First thing is to drain the hot water tank and blow air through it to clear the lines, then set the tank by-pass.  Next I blow-out the water-lines from the city water inlet point.  I use our Viair 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor to blow-out the water-lines. Once that’s done, I run the “pink stuff” via the pump through the water-lines.  Note: I do not put the anti-freeze in the fresh water tank (yuk – never get the taste out 🤮).  Just drain the tank and leave to low point drain open.  I do add the anti-freeze to the grey water tank as well as the black water tank.  PS: both have been dumped.

Once the lines have been done I add anti-freeze to the P-traps, shower drain and the toilet bowl to lubricate the seal.

Moisture Reduction

There is no electrical power where we store Blue Streak.  So we use the Dri-Z-Air Dehumidifier process to help control moisture inside the Airstream.  We keep every cupboard and door open to promote air circulation.

Because we have 200 watts of solar to maintain the charge on our  Trojan T-105 batteries, we leave the batteries in Blue Streak.

One of the things we like to do is visit Blue Streak at least once a month to make sure all is well.

Storage Security

Security is not an issue where Blue Streak is stored.  You can view our posting on how we manage storage security risk: Go here for anti-theft suggestions

I should add that on Vancouver Island the winter temperatures are quite moderate.  Average day temperature is 10-12c and sometimes at night it will drop just below freezing.  Oh yes, we do get snow once every couple of years.

Now for 2020!

The question is do we plan for a cross Canada trip or do we do our typical “away a week – home a week” June through September/October?  That is the question we will discuss and research over the winter.

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